ChromaNik SunShell SFC Silica

SFC Silica refers to the unmodified, bare silica stationary phase employed in Supercritical Fluid Chromatography. Unlike SFC 2-EP and SFC Diol, SFC Silica does not undergo any chemical modification, offering a different set of separation characteristics.
Applications: SFC Silica is often used for the separation of non-polar and moderately polar compounds, such as lipids, hydrocarbons, fat-soluble vitamins, and environmental pollutants. It provides excellent peak shape and separation efficiency for these analytes.

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Catalog Number


Catalog Number

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SunShell SFC Silica, 2.6 μm 50 IU-US6941 IU-US6341 IU-US6441 L3
100 IU-US6961 IU-US6361 IU-US6461 L3
150 IU-US6971 IU-US6371 IU-US6471 L3
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2.1, 3.0, 4.6


100, 150, 50