LP Series: Advanced Liquid Transfer with Micro Pump Technology

The LP series a compact, general-purpose type with performance for liquid chromatographs

Product Description
The LP series is a small, high-precision, high-pressure liquid pump driven by a 42mm square stepping motor.
The drive motor uses a stepping motor, allowing for highly accurate flow control.
Also, depending on the material of the wetted parts, it can be used in a wide range of applications, from acids and alkalis to organic solvents.

Specification Overview

Maximum flow rate0.6ml/min, ~1.2ml/min, ~2.5ml/min, ~5ml/min, ~10ml/min, ~20ml/min, ~40ml/min, ~ 80ml/min
Reference valueWhen using ion-exchanged water. It may vary significantly depending on the physical properties of the solvent, such as specific gravity and viscosity.)
Pump headSUS316, PEEK, Diflon
Check valveDouble check valve, single check valve

Product Details

Model display example

Series NameCapacityWetted Parts MaterialCheck Valve