Ligand exchange-type SUMICHIRAL OA-5000 Series


Separates enantiomers by the ligand exchange mechanism using copper ions
Detects many compounds with UV absorption at 254nm as an association of copper ion
Able to inverse the elution order.

Product Specification

Product nameSUMICHIRAL OA-5000
Chiral selectors(D)-Penicillamine
SupportHigh purity silica gel
Particle size5μm
Supporting modeCoating
Recommended mobile phaseCupric sulfate aqueous solution/alcohols (or acetonitrile)
Target compoundsAmino acids, hydroxy acids, aminoalcohols, amines
Columns for elution order inversionSUMICHIRAL OA-5000L

(S)-NEA : (S)-1- (α-Naphtyl) ethylamine
(R)-NEA : (R)-1- (α-Naphtyl) ethylamine