ÄKTA Series: Beat Bubbles For Better Purification!

With the ÄKTA series from Cytiva Life Sciences, you can seamlessly use various chromatographic separation modes, including affinity, size exclusion, gel filtration, hydrophobic interaction, reversed phase, and ion exchange. However, the formation of bubbles can hinder purification results and limit overall productivity in all modes and setups.

Bubbles occur due to high levels of dissolved gases in buffers and solvents. The multiple pressure drops along the liquid flow path through the chromatography system, such as injector valves, separation columns, and detector cells, can trigger bubble formation, especially when a segment has a higher temperature than the eluent bottle.

Traditional methods of removing dissolved gases involve treating buffers, eluents, and mobile phases in ultrasonic baths. However, this approach is labour-intensive, inefficient, and carries the risk of changing solution temperature or accelerating the degradation of sensitive components.

To tackle this challenge effectively and conveniently, we offer the DEGASi® range of online vacuum degassers. These degassers can be seamlessly integrated with any liquid chromatography instrument brand, resolving all your bubble-related troubles.

The DEGASi® PREP stand-alone degasser is specifically designed for flow rates of up to 20 ml/min per channel, making it suitable for most laboratory protein purification chromatography systems. This includes popular models such as ÄKTA start, ÄKTA go, ÄKTA pure 25, and ÄKTA avant 25, as well as legacy systems like ÄKTAprime plus, ÄKTAxpress, ÄKTA Purifyer, and ÄKTA FPLC (some of these models were previously built by GE Healthcare or Amersham Pharmacia Biotech).

Furthermore, we offer various alternative DEGASi® degasser designs tailored to chromatography systems with higher or lower flow rate specifications. Whether you need assistance in choosing the right degasser for your specific flow rates and solvent compatibility, our team at Pyvot is here to help.

Contact Pyvot today with any questions or concerns, and let us guide you towards the ideal degasser solution for your liquid chromatography needs. Say goodbye to bubbles and achieve reliable, efficient protein purification like never before.