Liquid Pump Leafbird-200 Series

Liquid Pump Leafbird-200 Series:
Achieves price reduction while maintaining performance for liquid chromatographs

Product Description
The Leafbird-200 series is a single plunger liquid pump that has been miniaturized to the size of the palm of your hand.
It can be used even inside the drafter without worrying about space.
Additionally, models compatible with organic solvents, acids, and alkalis are available as standard.

Specification Overview

Liquid delivery methodStepping motor, plunger liquid delivery method
Liquid delivery modeConstant flow liquid delivery
Pump headSUS316, PEEK, Diflon
Check valveDouble check valve, single check valve
Plunger seal Back cleaning function

Comparison with peristaltic pump

Flow rate does not change even if used for a long time.

When a peristaltic pump is used for a long time, the flow rate changes significantly due to the deformation of the tube, but Leafbird’s flow rate does not change even when pumping liquid for a long time.

Excellent chemical resistance and durability, capable of high-pressure liquid delivery

You can choose the material of Leafbird according to your application. Like liquid chromatograph pumps, it has excellent durability and can deliver high-pressure liquids.

Flow rate is set digitally

Flow rate settings can be easily made with a digital switch.


Leafbird-200 Series

  • The test solvent for the above specifications is ion exchange water.
    It may vary significantly depending on the physical properties of the solvent, such as specific gravity and viscosity.
  • If you wish to use the following solvents, please consult us in advance.
    (Specific gravity other than 0.8 to 1.5, viscosity other than 0.8 to 10CP, low boiling point, easy to generate bubbles, strong corrosivity)