The ionRocket is actually a very important addition to the DART®-MS. It provides quantitative analysis and is remarkably sensitive!”

Connect to DART®-MS and Visualize Hidden Compounds
Temperature Gradient System Visualizes Compounds in Real-Time
Eliminates Sample Preparation Steps
Great for Polymer Analysis Typically Using Gel Permeable Chromatography

ionRocket visualizes hidden compounds in your samples. IonRocket generates a temperature gradient from ambient up to as high as 600ºC over several minutes. This allows compounds in your samples to be sublimated, vaporized, or pyrolized according to their volatility and then introduced into the DART® gas stream. Data obtained from ionRocket yields another axis of data (time/temperature) beyond that obtained from normal DART®-MS (Direct Analysis in Real Time-Mass Spectrometry) analysis. Species desorb in order of their volatility along the temperature gradient and thus are separated in time. The data thus resembles that of an LC-MS or GC-MS chromatogram, consisting of temperature/time, m/z, and intensity. This can separate rare from abundant species, making them easier to detect.

Thermal desorption and pyrolysis device for DART®-MS: ionRocket

The DART® ion source is an ionization method that makes it possible to ionize samples under atmospheric pressure without pretreatment.

The ionRocket is an optional device for DART®-MS analysis that applies the gradient heating up to 600℃ to samples. By heating samples, this enables easier DART®-MS analysis of compounds with high boiling points.

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